Solutions for the cinema

BILODEAU Canada has carved out a place for itself in the film industry. Its experience is based on numerous collaborations with different production teams including Apple TV, Crave, HBO and Netflix on feature film, TV series and other projects. In Quebec, Canada, Europe or Hollywood, the company offers a wide range of services.

Our team

Our professional and creative team is composed of more than 85 people practicing different trades. This multidisciplinary strength allows us to design original solutions to meet the various needs of props, sets and/or costumes. Whether it is from your patterns or through our custom-made service, it is possible to create costumes, set elements or even tools (traps, weapons, etc.).

BILODEAU Canada and sustainable development

The company is distinguished by its commitment to sustainable and ethical practices. BILODEAU Canada ensures that all raw materials come from responsible sources. Legal and ethical trapping is at the heart of their approach, ensuring that products respect environmental standards and animal rights.