Custom manufacturing

With over 35 years of experience in the taxidermy field. BILODEAU Canada has set itself apart and is now the reference in North America for all taxidermy requests related to the television industry. The company offers custom manufacturing services for all your projects. From various accessories to complete set-ups. The taxidermy team will surprise you with quality and turnaround times.

Our Team

Our team will guide and advise you in defining the concept of your project, both for the taxidermy piece itself (animal posture, facial expression, etc.) and for the decorative elements in its environment. We have a number of scenery designs that showcase one or more taxidermy pieces.

BILODEAU Canada has made a name for itself in the field of taxidermy. Our reputation is built on the realism of our work, the expertise of our team and our fast turnaround times. The company is one of the largest taxidermy houses in Canada.

Custom Products

The company offers custom manufacturing services for a wide range of products. From accessories to manufacturing complete setups, articulated animals, clothing and more. Thanks to the company's various departments, BILODEAU Canada can support you in your projects.

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