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Crâne blanchi de renard - TAGBC 0001081

Crâne blanchi de renard - TAGBC 0001081

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Wolverine bleached skull


  • Arctic Fox (Vulpes)
  • Bleached Arctic Fox skull, processed by the experts at Bilodeau Canada
  • The Arctic Fox skulls we offer are sourced exclusively from Canada and are obtained in accordance with Canadian laws and regulations. The Canadian government issues permit for hunting, which are subject to strict guidelines aimed at ensuring sustainable and humane practices.
  • We have over 15 years of experience in exporting this type of product.


Length : 6'' 

Width : 3'' 

Height : 2.5'' 



Exportation status: exportable


*Products will be only shipped to countries where trade is permitted*


Within Canada: Delay of 7 to 15 business days

International: Delay of 12 to 16 weeks (depending on the country)


For more information, contact us by e-mail at or by phone at 418-274-2511

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