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Beaver Pelt

Beaver Pelt

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This fur is harvested by Canadian trappers. It is one of the most emblematic of the Canadian fur industry and its history in North America.

For several years, our know-how in the preparation of this fur has been put to good use in the garment workshop. The articles produced from it are an important part of the BILODEAU Canada collection.

This first quality skin can be used for decoration. It is ideal for craft projects.

Beaver fur is long and shiny. The fur is very dense and warm. The color is a mixture of dark brown and light brown.

Sizes are determined by adding the length and width measurements of the skin.

Size by category (Charter) :

  • Small from 42" to 46"
  • Medium from 47" to 54"
  • Large from 55" to 59"
  • XLarge from 60" to 65"

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